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Creating memmorable experiences

I help to make events memorable.

Together with you I will create a memorable experience for your guest. Be that guest visiting your wedding, business presentation or party. Any time when you want to impress someone or make them feel more appreciated, is a time when I can help. 

I have been studying magic for 10 years, and what I’ve noticed throughout this study is that magic has an astounding effect on people. People tend to open up and share their experiences, they all of a sudden are open for fun and new experiences.

Magic can be a truly life changing experience for someone, although it doesn’t have to be, it can also be good fun, or just a pleasurable experience.

The effect depends on the person and their view on the world, however, one shared effect is that people always remember seeing it, and even more important, they remember the place where they have seen it for all the right reasons.

Whenever I meet someone again they tell me they remembered me and how much fun they had at their company party. That after showing them magic all of a sudden it was much easier to talk to their colleagues or the strangers around them, and how happy they were that they attended the event on that day.

I love to boost events and make them more memorable, I never use magic to take over, I always use magic to show the natural beauty and fun of the event, to start the fire of enthusiasm and keep it going.

Memorable Performances

Rico on the populair livestream TakeTV

For multiple years, Rico has been an integral part of Take TV’s StarCraft II event, adding an extra touch of magic and wonder to the streams. Performing for professional gamers, staff members, and hosts, Rico creates new and captivating experiences each year, making the livestreams truly memorable and fun-filled.

Fundraising for Kesho Congo NGO

During The Drip, a remarkable collaboration of artists against child malnutrition and hunger, Rico contributed his magical talent to the cause. With a captivating parlour show, Rico played a significant role in helping raise funds and awareness for the Kesho Congo NGO.

wrote and starred in a short film about magic

Embark on a captivating journey in our short film, “Inclusia.” Discover the path to mastery – long, beautiful, and at times, frustrating. Experience the mind of a mad magic scientist as we proudly present this enchanting production.

Directed by: David Globe Sokolov
Filmed & Edited by: Gabriël Sokolov from RASA
Starring: Rico Weeland 
Writers: David Globe Sokolov, Gabriël Sokolov, and Rico Weeland

Performances at the Amsterdam Magic SHow

The Amsterdam Magic Show, a passion project by talented magicians in Amsterdam, provides Rico with a platform to showcase his artistry. Multiple times a month, he shares the stage with fellow performers, refining and perfecting his craft to offer audiences an enthralling magical experience.

“Rico made our event unique and special with his unique style of magic.”


“Thanks to Rico, it was a magical evening with plenty of astonishment and joy! “

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About me

Hi my name is Rico.

I have been studying magic for the past 10 years and during this time I’ve been helping companies and individuals to make their events stand out.

 I achieve this trough my studies in psychology, sleight of hand and human nature. If the past 10 years have thought me anything it is that magic is real. Ofcourse it’s a trick, but the mind can be tricked into believing that it’s real for just a few seconds.

Through this time I’ve won multiple competitions such as the Dutch Championship of magic and National congress in Czech Republic. Even though competing is fun, it’s not where magic should be shown. It should be shown to people to make their day memorable, to make them have fun and especially to connect on a human level.

 I will keep studying magic until the day I day and I hope to touch many people along the way (emotionally).

Let’s make something magical, together


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


+31 6 42 11 32 59