Rico Weeland


Magic brings tranquility to the corporate world, providing an escape from the mind’s chatter. Experience captivating magic at your events, mesmerizing and reenergizing your team.


Create the perfect wedding with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Rico’s enchanting magic weaves wonder and joy, crafting cherished memories that will last for generations.


Infuse togetherness and joy with captivating magic. Rico creates a relaxed, fun-filled ambiance for unforgettable celebrations.

Elevate dining with enchanting interludes. Rico’s magic makes your restaurant memorable, leaving patrons in awe.

Unleash the Magic and Add flair to live streams with captivating magic. Collaborate with Rico for unforgettable entertainment.

Partner with Rico for custom magic, enhancing your message’s impact with enchanting moments.

Parlour magic

Unveil the Wonder: An Exquisite Parlour Magic Experience 

Prepare to be enchanted as Rico, the master magician, brings the captivating allure of Parlour Magic directly to your location. From intimate gatherings to full-blown theatre shows, Rico’s magical performances promise an unforgettable journey for your esteemed guests.

Why Choose Parlour Magic?

Step into a world where Rico treats your guests with utmost care and delight. His Parlour Magic offers a highly mesmerizing experience, building up to awe-inspiring moments of impossibility. Unlike anything they’ve seen before, this extraordinary spectacle will be etched in their memories for years to come.

Flexibility at Its Finest

Rico’s Parlour Magic is tailor-made to suit your needs. Whether it’s an intimate group or a grand audience of up to 100 people, he adapts seamlessly to create a magical ambiance that suits your event perfectly. The duration of the show ranges from 20 minutes to a thrilling one hour, ensuring a mesmerizing experience without ever missing a beat.

Unlimited Possibilities 

No event is too grand for Rico’s magic to flourish. He offers performances for audiences larger than 100 people, as well as the option to book him for acts shorter than 20 minutes. For personalized arrangements and further details, reach out to Rico directly, and he’ll make your magical dreams come true.

Let the enchantment unfold. Book now to reserve your date and immerse your guests in an unparalleled journey of wonder with Rico’s extraordinary Parlour Magic

Unforgettable Encounters: Walk-around Magic 

Step into a world of personalized enchantment with Rico’s Walk-around Magic – a flexible and intimate magical experience like no other. As Rico mingles with different groups during your event, the magic comes alive, creating unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

The Magic of Personal Connection

In Walk-around Magic, Rico engages with smaller groups, ensuring a more personalized touch for each guest. He takes the time to understand their interests, tailoring his magic to match their preferences perfectly.

An Up-Close and Personal Adventure

With Walk-around Magic, the magic unfolds at a closer distance, forging an intimate connection between Rico and your guests. It might not be a traditional show where everyone witnesses the magic simultaneously, but the sheer personalization makes every moment enchanting and memorable.

Immerse in Wonder: A Magical Encounter

Walk-around magic knows no limits or conditions when it comes to people. Rico’s artistry effortlessly adapts to the unique vibe of your event, be it a dinner gathering or a lively cocktail party. For the best possible experience, Rico is happy to share a few tips that suit your event’s specific needs – simply inquire about this option for your unforgettable occasion.

Indulge in the charm of Walk-around Magic with Rico. Contact him now to weave an extraordinary magical encounter that will leave your guests spellbound and captivated, one delightful moment at a time.

Walk Around Magic

Memorable Performances

Rico on the populair livestream TakeTV

For multiple years, Rico has been an integral part of Take TV’s StarCraft II event, adding an extra touch of magic and wonder to the streams. Performing for professional gamers, staff members, and hosts, Rico creates new and captivating experiences each year, making the livestreams truly memorable and fun-filled.

Monthly Marvels at the Amsterdam Magic Show

The Amsterdam Magic Show, a passion project by talented magicians in Amsterdam, provides Rico with a platform to showcase his artistry. Multiple times a month, he shares the stage with fellow performers, refining and perfecting his craft to offer audiences an enthralling magical experience.

Fundraising for Kesho Congo NGO

During The Drip, a remarkable collaboration of artists against child malnutrition and hunger, Rico contributed his magical talent to the cause. With a captivating parlour show, Rico played a significant role in helping raise funds and awareness for the Kesho Congo NGO.

Writing and staring a short movie about magic

Embark on a captivating journey in our short film, “Inclusia.” Discover the path to mastery – long, beautiful, and at times, frustrating. Experience the mind of a mad magic scientist as we proudly present this enchanting production.

Directed by: David Globe Sokolov
Filmed & Edited by: Gabriël Sokolov from RASA
Starring: Rico Weeland 
Writers: David Globe Sokolov, Gabriël Sokolov, and Rico Weeland

Valued Clients

“Rico wowed us at our company BBQ with his beautiful artistry. From table to table, he performed a variety of captivating tricks with charisma and grace. Guests loved that he never pressured anyone to participate, making it an enjoyable experience for all. Rico is a wonderful addition to any event, and we highly recommend him for lunches, dinners, or special occasions. Unforgettable magic awaits!”

– Zoran Davidovski
          Head off R&D, Pipelife International GmbH


“With Rico Weeland’s magic tricks, our company’s new strategic points were brought to life with amazement and astonishment. His captivating performance provided the perfect support our presentation needed, making it a huge success! Rico’s magic added that extra touch of wonder and excitement, leaving a lasting impression on everyone. We highly recommend Rico for any event where you want to create a truly magical experience.”

– Bert Deliën
            Director/Executive, Humanitas onder dak


About Rico

Rico, Amsterdam’s captivating magician and sleight of hand expert, was enchanted by magic in 2013. Since then, he’s roamed the globe, learning from the finest magicians while uncovering secrets in rare books. With rare knowledge and boundless dedication, Rico conjures enchanting miracles like no other. Prepare for an extraordinary experience, where wonder meets mastery, leaving you spellbound and amazed. Witness Rico’s magic and create unforgettable memories at your next event.

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